Name of the Officer
Contact Details

Smt. Roshell Fernandes


Dy. Collector (LA)
South Goa


Ph: 0832-2794317 (O) Fax: 0832-2794402

Mob: 992349909
e-Mail: dycla-south.goa@nic.in

Shri Vinayak Vovoikar


Deputy Collector (REV)
South Goa

Ph: 0832-2794326 (O)
e-Mail: dycrev-south.goa@nic.in

Shri Deepesh Priolkar


Deputy Collector,
District Recovery Officer (DRO),
South Goa


Ph: 0832-2794372 (O)
Res: 0832-2240200
Mob: 9158910500
e-Mail: dycdro-south.goa@nic.in

Shri Uday Rama Prabhu Dessai

Deputy Collector/
Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO)/
Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM),

Ph: 0832-2794145(O)
Mob: 9764480571
e-Mail: sdm-salcete.goa@nic.in

Shri Paresh Fal Dessai


Deputy Collector &
Sub-Divisional Officer- II (SDO-II),

Ph: 0832-2794151 (O)
Mob: 8605007500
e-Mail: sdm-salcete.goa@nic.in

Shri Mahadev Araundekar

Deputy Collector/
Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO)/
Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Mormugao

Ph: 0832-2512688 (O)
Fax: 0832-2512688
Mob: 9422451995
e-Mail: sdm-mormugao.goa@nic.in

Shri Prashant Shirodkar

Deputy Collector/
Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO)/
Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM),

Ph: 0832-2662241(O)
Fax: 0832-2664353
Mob: 9822137728

e-Mail: sdm-quepem.goa@nic.in

Shri Kedar Naik


Deputy Collector/
Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO)/
Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM),

Ph: 0832-2643696(O)
Fax: 0832-2643329
e-Mail: sdm-canacona.goa@nic.in

Shri Agnelo A. Fernandes


Deputy Collector/
Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO)/
Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Dharbandora


Ph: 0832-2614036 (O)
Fax: 0832-2614037
Mob: 9822151810
e-Mail: dycol-dharband.goa@nic.in

Shri Navnath Naik


Deputy Collector/
Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO)/
Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM), Ponda


Ph: 0832-2312469 (O)
Fax: 0832-2312469
Mob: 8605007500
e-Mail: -

Shri Pravinjay Pandit


Mamlatdar in Collectorate
District Collectorate,
South Goa

Ph: 0832-2794312 (O)
Res: 0832-2215395
Mob: 9764882258
e-Mail: mam-south.goa@nic.in

Shri Cedric M. Gama

Assistant Accounts Officer,
District Collectorate,
South Goa

Ph: 0832-2794319 (O)
Mob: 9890423447
e-Mail: accts-cols.goa@nic.in

Mamlatdars- Salcete Taluka

Shri Vishal C. Kundaikar

Mamlatdar, Salcete

Ph: 0832-2794114 (O)
Mob: 9850020897
e-Mail: mam-salcete.goa@nic.in
Shri Manoj Korgaonkar

Joint Mamlatdar- I, Salcete

Ph: 0832-2794122 (O)
Mob: 9422846673
e-Mail: jtm1-salcete.goa@nic.in

Shri Shailendra Desai

Joint Mamlatdar- II, Salcete

Ph: 0832-2794123(O)
Mob: 9049468580
e-Mail: jtm2-salcete.goa@nic.in

Smt Jennifer Fernandes

Joint Mamalatdar- III, Salcete

Ph: 0832-2794126 (O)
Mob: 9881719442
e-Mail: jtm3-salcete.goa@nic.in
Shri. Raghuraj Aun Fal Desai

Joint Mamalatdar- IV, Salcete

Ph: 0832-2794254 (O)

Mob: 9881281389

e-Mail: jtm4-salcete.goa@nic.in

Smt. Avelina D'Sa e Pereira

Joint Mamalatdar- V, Salcete

Ph: 0832-2794649 (O)
Mob: 9921670761

e-Mail: jtm5-salcete.goa@nic.in

Mamlatdars- Mormugao Taluka

Shri Satish R. Prabhu

Mamlatdar, Mormugao

Ph: 0832-2513014 (O) (Fax)  
Res: 0832-2643922
Mob: 9420687231
e-Mail: mam-mormugao.goa@nic.in

Shri Vimod Dalal


Joint Mamlatdar- I, Mormugao

Ph: 0832-2513014 (O)  
Res: 0832-3231843
Mob: 9403272992

e-Mail: jtm1-mormugao.goa@nic.in

Shri Rosario Carvalho

Joint Mamlatdar- II, Mormugao

Ph: 0832-2513014 (O)
Res: 0832-2770458
Mob: 9822183796
e-Mail: jtm2-mormugao.goa@nic.in

Mamlatdars- Quepem Taluka

Shri Prataprao P. Gaunkar

Mamlatdar, Quepem

Ph: 0832-2662228 (O)
Fax: 0832-2664353
Mob: 9764627999
e-Mail: mam-quepem.goa@nic.in

Shri Ravishekar Nipanikar

Joint Mamalatdar- I, Quepem

Ph: 0832-2662228 (O)
Res: 0832-2208357
Mob:  9423062384
e-Mail: jtm1-quepem.goa@nic.in

Smt Deona Elsa Peraira

Joint Mamalatdar- II, Quepem

Ph: 0832-2662228 (O)
Mob: 8308543928
e-Mail: jtm2-quepem.goa@nic.in

Mamlatdars- Sanguem Taluka

Shri Laxmikant R Dessai

Mamlatdar, Sanguem

Ph: 0832-2604232 (O) (Fax)
Mob: 9823785726
e-Mail: mam-sanguem.goa@nic.in

Shri Nathan L. Afonso

Joint Mamlatdar- I, Sanguem

Ph: 0832-2604232 (O)
Mob: 9764214164
e-Mail: jtm1-sanguem.goa@nic.in

Shri Rajesh G. Sakhalkar

Joint Mamlatdar- II, Sanguem

Ph: 0832-2604232 (O)
Mob: 9822181954
e-Mail: jtm2-sanguem.goa@nic.in

Mamlatdars- Canacona Taluka

Shri Ramesh Narayan Gaonkar

Mamlatdar, Canacona

Ph: 0832-2643329 (O) (Fax)
Mob: 9404758575
e-Mail: mam-canacona.goa@nic.in

Shri Dattaraj Krishna Gauns Dessai

Joint Mamlatdar- I, Canacona

Ph: 0832-2643329 (O)
Mob: 9823927711
e-Mail: jtm1-canacona.goa@nic.in

Mamlatdars- Dharbandora Taluka

Shri Laxmikant B. Kuttikar

Mamlatdar, Dharbandora

Ph: 0832-2614111 (O) (Fax)
Mob: 9604747673
e-Mail: mam-dharbandora.goa@nic.in

Smt. Sharmila Ulhas Gaonkar

Joint Mamlatdar- I, Dharbandora

Ph: 0832-2614111 (O) (Fax)
Mob: 9923581805

Mamlatdars- Ponda Taluka

Shri Joao Fernandes

Mamlatdar, Ponda

Ph: 0832-2312121(O)
Ph: 0832-2742528(R)
Mob: 9822380428
e-Mail: mam-ponda.goa@nic.in

Shri Abhir C. Hede

Joint Mamlatdar-I, Ponda

Ph: 0832-2312121(O)
Fax: 0832-2312121
Mob: 9764214183

Shri Bhiku Gawas

Joint Mamlatdar-II, Ponda

Ph: 0832-2312121(O)
Mob: 9421151046

Smt. Apurva Karpe

Joint Mamlatdar-III, Ponda

Ph: 0832-2312121(O)
Mob: 9822041429


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