The South Goa District Collectorate is headed by the Collector. Collector is supported by three Additional Collectors, eight Dy. Collectors and Sub Divisional Officers, Taluka Mamlatdars, Section Officers and Clerical Staff. Entire district administration responsibilities are vested with District Collectorate and it is categorized into the following sections that looks after or carry out specific functions related to district administration.

Confidential and Vigilance Section

Deals with all confidential and secret correspondence of the office. Assessment of confidential reports of all Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ employees of the office. Deals with RTI matters and maters relating to complaints against the staff of this Collectorate, vigilance enquiries, and investigations as per the Central Civil Service Rules, 1965 and Conduct Rules.

Establishment Section

Deals with appointments, promotions, transfers and other service matters of Group ‘C’ & ‘D’ employees. Preparation of pension cases, maintenance of records such as service books, leave accounts, personal files, etc.of all staffs of the Collectorate including Taluka Offices.

Election Branch

Deals with conduct of various types of elections such as Lok Shaba, Legislative Assembly, Zilla, Panchayat, Co-Operative Societies. Also deals with electoral roll and issue of photo identity cards to voters.

Revenue Section

Off-site management plan, grant of land under L.R.C., 1968, cumeri cultivation, conversions, recovery of Government dues under L.R.C., maters relating to agricultural tenancy and mundkar, matters under Wild Life Act, matters relating to rehabilitation of landless persons due to land acquisition, bestowal of provisional grants under Legislative Diploma No. 349, transfer of rights by way of sale/gift of granted Government land under the Decree No. 3602, computerization of land records, bestowal proceedings, matters pertaining to encroachment of Government lands, public premises act, illegal constructions, unauthorized conversions, mining lease, matters pertaining to Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, and matters pertaining to demolitions, Forest Dwellers Act.

Magisterial Section

Deals with implementation and enforcement of various legislations like Arms Act, Cinematography Act, Explosive Act, Motor Vehicle Act, Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, Noise Pollution Rules, Press and Registration Act, Smoking and Spitting Act, Non-Biodegradable Garbage Control Act, etc., law and order matters, grant of Indian citizenship, permission for film shooting, management of solid waste, permission for hoardings, use of sound systems, permission for transportation of dead bodies, issue of domicile certificate.

Civil Administration Section

Deals with communidade matters, allotment of Government accommodation, office accommodations, affairs of registered devasthans and Natural Calamities. Deals with natural calamity and disaster management plan.

Land Acquisition Section

Deals only with land acquisition matters under Land Acquisition Act, 1894, wherein various types of lands are acquired for public purpose by Government departments / Societies / Companies.

Judicial Section

Deals with appeals pertaining to tenancy and mundkar matters, adjudication of documents, matters pertaining to the Indian Stamp Act.

Accounts Section

Deals with preparation of budget, compilation of audit reports, allotment and control of funds, M.P.L.A.D. scheme, preparation of contingency bills / medical reimbursement NIC Goa State Centre DC*Suite — Project Proposal Page 7 of 28 bills / T.A. bills / all type of advance bills for staff. Also deals with purchase of materials and procurement for the office and preparation of pay bills of the staff. Overall handling and disbursement of Government funds.

Recovery Section

Deals with recovery matters related to bank / corporations / institutions under the Goa, Daman & Diu Public Moneys (Recovery Dues) Act, 1986.

MPLAD Section

Deals with MPLAD Scheme of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha constituencies. It receives works proposals from MPs to be undertaken under MPLAD scheme. Work technical, administrative approval processing is done. Work monitoring and fund records are maintained by this section.

Inward/Outward (Attached to Establishment Section)

Receives all the correspondences that is not marked as secret and records the details in the Inward Register. The correspondence is then marked to the concerned section head. An acknowledgement of the correspondence will be provided to the sender if required. Deals with dispatch of letters and records the details in the Outward Register.