Important application forms for Citizens and Government officials are available here.

Title Date Description Address Download/Link
Arms Licences – Form A -3 (For Individuals) Renewal Form-Licences in Form II, III, IV 06/09/2018 Download(19 KB)
Arms Licence-Form B2- Sale or Purchase of Firearm – Form II, III,IV Licences 06/09/2018 Download(197 KB)
Arms Licence-Form B1- Application for Registration with an Outside Licensing Authority 06/09/2018 Download(18 KB)
Arms Licence- Antecedent Verification Report- Police Department 06/09/2018 Download(28 KB)
Arms Licence-A1 Form – Application for Arm Licence for Individuals-for Form II, IV Licences 06/09/2018 Download(130 KB)
Arms Licence- Form III B – Arms Licence Retainer for Companies 06/09/2018 Download(11 KB)
Arms Licence – Form B3 – Application for Addition or Deletion for Retainer and Form III B – Arms Licence Retainer (Companies) 06/09/2018 Download(17 KB)
Arms Licence – Form a – 4 (for Companies) Renewal Form- Form II, III, IV Licences 06/09/2018 Download(19 KB)
Arm Licence – S1, S2, S3 Forms- Training, Undertaking, Medical 06/09/2018 Download(37 KB)
Matriz Certificate 01/07/2018 Download(72 KB)