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Criminal Writ Petition No.206/2019 24/08/2021 View (4 MB)
No. 37/128/2008/MAG/4885 13/05/2021 View (566 KB)
No.39/6/2001-SEXHARS/MAG(III)/4465 22/04/2021 View (381 KB)
No. 31/19/2021/MC Election/3804 07/04/2021 View (1 MB)
No. 37/19/2020/L&O/MAG 16/02/2021 View (781 KB)
Stopping digging of Roads during Monsoons 03/07/2018 View (263 KB)
Costal Police to register case if fishing trawler/boat leaves jetty without life jacket 28/08/2012 View (202 KB)
No fishing trawler/boat will leave jetty unless members are having life jacket 06/08/2012 View (202 KB)