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DISHA Minutes of 3rd meeting 12/06/2018 Download(2 MB)
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DEIAA Minutes of the 2nd meeting 31/05/2018 Download(891 KB)
Alternate File : Download(891 KB)
Disha (South Goa) 01/09/2018 Download(1 MB)
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DEAC 4th Minutes of the meeting 02/03/2018 Download(628 KB)
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DEAC 3rd Minutes of the meeting 02/02/2018 Download(693 KB)
Alternate File : Download(693 KB)
DEAC 2nd Minutes of the meeting 19/01/2018 Download(421 KB)
Alternate File : Download(421 KB)
DEAC 1st Minutes of the meeting 27/12/2017 Download(793 KB)
Alternate File : Download(793 KB)