Renewal of Arms License


  • Every licence may, at its expiration and subject to the same conditions (if any) as to the grant thereof, be renewed by the authority mentioned in Schedule II as renewing authority within a period of thirty days of receipt of the police report:
  • Provided that the licence so renewed may be signed in the appropriate column of the licence by such officer as may be specifically empowered in this behalf by the State Government under rule 5.
  • An application for renewal of a licence for arms or ammunition shall be filed in the Form wherein specified at least sixty days prior to the expiry of the said licence with the licensing authority along with the documents wherein specified in the Form:
  • Provided that in the case of arms and ammunition deposited under sub-rule (1) of rule 48, the renewal application may be filed either by the depositor, or where it is not practicable to make the application direct,through the dealer or any other person authorised by him in writing in this behalf, while the arms or ammunition continue to be so deposited.
  • The authority issuing a licence shall ordinarily be responsible for watching all future renewals of the licence:
  • Provided that where a licensee notifies a change of his place of residence, permanently or temporarily for a period of more than six months, to the licensing authority of the district in which the renewal is sought, the licensing authority of that district shall thence-forth become responsible for watching all future renewals of his licence.
  • The new renewing authority shall, in respect of a licensee who notifies a change of his place of residence under sub-rule (3), register the licensee under its own jurisdiction in accordance with the provisions specified in rule 17 and carry out the renewal thereof and forthwith, inform the original issuing or last renewing authority.
  • The licensing authority may consider an application for renewal of a licence, if the period between the date of its expiry and the date of application is not, in his opinion, unduly long with due regard to the circumstances of the case, and all renewal fees are paid; otherwise the application may be treated as one for grant of a fresh licence.
  • The licensing authority may, in accordance with any instructions issued by the State Government in respect of all or any class of firearms, require the personal attendance of the applicant before renewing the licence under this rule.


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