Transfer of Arms License


  • The licensing authority may grant a licence –
  • after the death of the licensee, to his legal heir; or
  • in any other case, on the licensee attaining the age of seventy years or on holding the firearm for twenty-fiveyears, whichever is earlier, to any legal heir nominated by him:
  • Provided that notwithstanding the provisions contained in rule 12 of these rules, the licensingauthority may grant a licence to such legal heir if the eligibility conditions under the Act and these rules are fulfilled by the said legal heir and there are no adverse remarks in the police report.
  • Where a licensee leaves behind more than one legal heir and the legal heirs decide amongst themselves to retain the arm or arms of the deceased, one of the legal heirs nominated by all other legal heirs may apply for a licence under sub-rulealong with the following documents, namely:-
    • a declaration of no-objection from the remaining legal heirs;
    • an indemnity bond executed by the applicant giving full details of the licence and the arm or arms endorsed thereupon; and
    • a copy of the death certificate of the deceased licensee.
  • Where the legal heirs decide to dispose of the arm or arms endorsed on the licence of the deceased licensee, they may apply to the licensing authority for grant of a limited period permission to sell the arm or arms, within the time allowed by such authority, to any licensed dealer or to any other person entitled to possess an arm under these rules.
  • Explanation.-
  • For the purposes of this rule, ‘legal heir’ includes husband, wife, son, daughter, son-in-law, daughter-in-law,brother, sister and grandchildren of the licensee or the deceased licensee.


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